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The Foundation provides a variety of services, including the service of insulating the roofs of buildings and homes with the best American and German insulating materials. We solve the problem of water leakage from roofs. We work on all service and residential buildings. Our company is considered the best Saudi company working in the areas of roof insulation; The only one that saves you from the heat of the sun in addition to the humidity in the winter season resulting from rain and torrential rains that negatively affect the surfaces, the institution has the experience and efficiency in using the latest means of roof insulation.Roof Insulation Company

Riyadh Rooftop Insulation Company

What are the benefits of roof insulation?

The benefits of roof insulation are many, as it works to protect roofs and walls from the influence of weather factors, whether it is rain or temperatures. Concrete materials, this is called water seepage.Roof Insulation Company . Riyadh Rooftop Insulation Company

Insulation remains one of the most important processes currently being used in buildings and companies. Thermal insulation has many advantages, including that it maintains temperature and protects surfaces from fluctuating weather changes. Insulation of roofs has become one of the necessities of principles and companies, as it works to save consumed energy. And it maintains the temperature and heating and reduces the global warming process. Therefore, the insulation service is provided in a professional manner and commensurate with the required capabilities with the best insulating materials and the required quality and in various types of insulation. We are your best choice in terms of efficiency, quality and prices. We are honored to provide the insulation and restoration service to you. .

Roof insulation protects buildings and corporate roofs from cracking and keeps them from collapsing, ensuring a high amount of safety for users. Buildings for a long time at a constant temperature.

Water and moisture leakage damages (neglecting the waterproofing clause).

Corrosion and rust of steel reinforcement and metal structures.Roof Insulation Company
Concrete weakens and breaks because water can contain harmful acidic and chemical compounds.
Aboxy Tanks Isolation Company Damage to the oyster layer and its fall.
Damage to paint and paint work.
Separation of ceramic tiles from walls and floors.
Algae growth and deformation of buildings, which leads to inconvenience to users.
The spread of mold and salt odors and may lead to health problems for the population.
Therefore, taking care of the waterproofing item and knowing the different sources of moisture and water will facilitate the process of waterproofing and knowing the places that must be isolated.

What are the different types of insulation?

There are three types of insulation that are applied by roof insulation companies:
First, the thermal insulation:
This type of insulation is applied to buildings that suffer from high temperatures, and leak them inside through the walls. Thermal insulation reduces the consumption of air conditioners in the summer.
Second waterproofing:
This type protects the houses from the dangers of rain that they are exposed to in the winter, and prevents water from seeping into the building, as it can cause many problems for the building such as collapse or cracks.
Third, foam insulation:
Foam insulation combines the properties of thermal insulation and waterproofing, as we can use foam insulation in all cases.

Thermoplastic insulation films:
One of the most important of these plastics used in insulation is PVC membranes. These types of membranes consist of: (plastic compound – some softeners – fillers – stabilizers – dyes). These plastics are produced by (extrusion – pressing – coating).

Elastomeric Insulation Membrane:
The most important of these plastics used for waterproofing is EPDM

These types consist of 🙁 polymer – carbon black – modified oils – sulfur – antioxidants)

Rubber properties:

  • Resistance to tensile and elongation
  • Resistant to ultraviolet rays
  • Resistant to many oils and solvents

What are the advantages of thermal insulation?

Thermal insulation has some important advantages such as:
Saving electrical energy.
Save a lot of money, it works
Reducing the use of electrical appliances
Such as air conditioners and heaters which makes there
Save on electricity bills.
Energy conservation.
Makes the atmosphere in the house mild without running
Fans or air conditioners.

What are the ways to isolate kitchens and bathrooms?

The floors of kitchens and bathrooms are isolated by distilled burlap and black bitumen, which is heated and a layer of it is placed on the floors of kitchens and bathrooms, then we put a layer
Made of drip burlap, it is a strong waterproofing.

The use of cement grout, where a mixture is made of cement and other materials, and the floors are painted with this mixture 3 to 4 times until the insulation is completed.

There is another way to insulate the floors of kitchens and bathrooms, which is the cold insulation method, which is one of the most common methods of insulation. In this process, liquid bitumen is mixed with cold water.

Legislations and laws on obligating buildings in the Kingdom to use thermal insulation

With the passage of 1431, a new decision appeared that required buildings in the Kingdom of all types, residential and service, to install thermal insulation on the roofs, including foam insulation, and it caused an uproar among the public about the high price of installing insulation and so on…., and here and companies appeared under the name of Foam Insulation Company in Riyadh that provide A new type of thermal insulation in Riyadh for its excellent properties.

But if we look with some scrutiny that the types of roof insulation in Riyadh of all kinds reduce electricity consumption:

Insulators reduce electricity consumption, and this is what we will mention in detail in “Thermal Insulation and Electricity Bills” and reduce consumption, but currently we are facing an enforceable decision” of the noble Royal Decree No. It is mandatory for all new buildings (and currently old ones as well), whether they are residential, commercial, or any other facilities, as well as government facilities, to insulate roofs and walls, in major cities and certainly in Riyadh and in all regions of Saudi Arabia, which in turn will lead to saving electricity consumption after installing thermal insulation.

The best roof insulation companies in Riyadh

  • But Cheap Prices: They offer the lowest prices starting from 1200 riyals with more discounts and offers
  • The company’s employment: It provides a trained fleet for years, assistants and labor from all European and Arab countries to carry out the isolation.
  • Commitment to time: come at the agreed time and never be late.
  • Customer Service: It has customer service ready to respond and receive orders to implement insulation in the fastest time.

Many people suffer from roof leaks, and they need final solutions that end these crises. Now with the company, you will find the final solution from the fear of water leaks and harmful sunlight on the roofs of buildings. Our company is the best because it saves you from the damages of climatic factors, as it has solutions for water leaks and extreme heat. And heavy rains, they are the strongest competitors in the market and solve the problem no matter how difficult it is and have the full criteria that make it the best, such as:

What is the importance of roof insulation in Riyadh?

It is of paramount importance to insulate roofs in Riyadh, which is to protect it from being affected by external factors that affect homes, villas and palaces, such as rain water, sun, humidity, heat, heat emission inside homes or water leaks.

  • Protecting buildings from corrosion of concrete or metal structures, corrosion of reinforcement and steel, or damage to the building infrastructure.
  • Protecting buildings from moisture that creates unpleasant odors that cause serious respiratory diseases.
  • Protect buildings from corrosion of water pipes and permanently prevent water leakage.

What is the importance of foam insulation for roofs and what is used in Riyadh?

  • It has all the young and wonderful specifications for insulating surfaces, as it is water-resistant, fireresistant and insect-resistant.
  • A material that is safe for buildings and structures, environmentally friendly, and suitable for swimming pool insulation.
  • Foam is compatible with surfaces (curvature, concrete, metal, unpaved).
  • The person can control the thickness they want, you choose how many layers you want.
  • Safe material for water pipes and tubes, harmless to electrical appliances, and saves energy consumption.
  • Lightweight material does not cause loads and pressures on surfaces.

What is the method of insulating roofs from moisture and what is the role of roof insulators companies in Riyadh?

  • The company uses insulators that are sensitive to moisture and leaking water, and thus prevent them from passing through surfaces and walls, so that your home will not be affected by moisture and any effect resulting from it.
  • The experience of the work team of the company working in the insulation of surfaces qualifies them to be experts in the insulating materials that are used for each type of leakage.
  • The insulating materials, which are made of layers in order to isolate the surfaces, are placed either on the inner surface or on the outer surface, but in the end all of this is aimed at preventing water intrusion and eliminating moisture.
  • Moisture is not only due to water leakage, but also from water leakage and heat leakage as well. From here, and to find out why moisture occurs, we can use the best insulators in order to prevent moisture from occurring.
  • We also find that insulators made of foam foam have a great role and effect in insulating surfaces and preventing water leakage, and therefore no moisture or negative effects on the safety of the house will occur.

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